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Wherever you work, be that in the office, at home or on the move, everyone wants their individual differences to be nurtured, work to have meaning and to be truly valued in the Work Place.

Karen has worked in many different environments both from home, in the office and on the move and she can provide individuals with a range of solutions and tools to enhance Work Place enjoyment, satisfaction and productivity.

With an everchanging environment, employees and employers have to be flexible and adaptable and having someone with 30+ years of diverse experience come into your work place be that in person or virtually, we can provide both individuals and organisations with independent insight, challenge and support.

Work Place Solutions


Coaching 1:1 is a process that enables you to have some time for yourself to focus on the things that matter to you and gives you the impetus to progress whatever it is that you want to be that in your personal life or your professional life.

We all have friends and family that we can talk things over with but the emotional connection that exists with those relationships means that accountability is not always present.

Instead, have a conversation with an experienced coach to get things moving.


When change hits individuals or organisations, humans will respond in a variety of ways. Every reaction is valid and need to be heard and respected if the change that is on the table is to be effectively managed.

Having an independent facilitator to navigate everyone through change and ensure that employees understand why they are feeling how they are feeling is critical.

Successful change management is all about people and not about process.


Whether it’s a short term need or a longer-term requirement for some high-quality project management, we can fulfil your brief.

Having a professional, independent, experienced Project Manager join your organisation can be a cost-effective interim solution.

Someone with no agenda and who is free from the internal politics means laser-like focus on what you need to achieve.

We will deliver to time and on budget, whilst meeting your brief and guarantee that the goals of your project are achieved.


The team that works together effectively underpins success no matter what the sector.

If you are a leader in business, training and development, education, healthcare or human resources, how teams deliver is key.

Investing in your people is the best thing you can do for employee engagement and motivation.

Building an understanding of your team member will enable you to anchor everyone to your organisations purpose, mission and goals.


Do you need an interim intervention that is a blend of coaching, mentoring, team development, change management and / or project management?

We can deliver to your agenda for your people and your organisation in an independent, professional and thoughtful way.

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