I worked with Karen for several years at GSK but one key project that Karen took the role of project manager for was the Hospital Excellence Project. Karen’s project management was outstanding throughout as this was a complex project reaching all parts of the organisation, therefore stakeholder management and influence was crucial for the project to be successful and deliver on time. Karen ensured the project team delivered all tasks in a timely manner, keeping the steering group fully updated on the whole project journey. The result was a resounding success culminating in a full launch across the organisation, following which Karen received the appropriate recognition from the UK general manager at the time.
As Karen embarks on her consultancy, I know she will bring much of her knowledge and skill to bear with others who will benefit the same way as the teams did when the Hospital Excellence project concluded.


Ian Redmond

Sales Director at Phoenix Health Care Distribution Ltd

Karen was my manager for 3 years at GSK and I’m happy to say she was the best manager I have had in my career to date. Karen has a warm personable style that makes you feel relaxed and valued. She as a logical, strategic mindset with high expectations and always seemed to be able to offer advice when I was working on my accounts as to the best way to take the next steps.
During our 3 years working together the advice and coaching Karen gave me has been invaluable in helping me develop in my career. From empowering me to manage my accounts how I felt best which made me feel valued and trusted, to giving me support when things became a little too much to cope with, Karen brought out the best in me and the rest of the team through supportive, focused leadership and I will be forever grateful and privileged to have worked with her.


Mike Smyth

Hospital Account Manager

Karen is an empathetic, experienced coach who approaches the client’s problem on a deep, reflective level. She helped me identify the underlying mechanisms in my own behaviour and develop effective methods of copying which I have since applied when under stress. Karen’s professional approach to coaching is super professional and very friendly at the same time. She knows how to create a safe, confidential space for a conversation whether offline or online. In every session I felt her compassion for what I was going through. Opening up felt very natural with her, and, as a result, I managed to reflect on some difficult issues. At all times I could be myself and didn’t need to hold back, as there was no judgement, just deep, humane understanding of my own situation. I would recommend Karen to anyone who needs support at difficult times.


Dr Marta Hawkins

CEO of University for Children

I have worked with Karen for almost twenty years across a number of different roles and what Karen always brings to any discussion is healthy challenge. What this does is really get you to think differently and open your eyes to what things could look like. In our early time working together she really helped me develop my own confidence to strive for more in my career and I will always be grateful for the time she spent coaching me in those early years.
As our roles changed I was able to work with Karen on many projects and her focus on delivery of the business while never losing site of the need to motivate the people around her is a rare skill.
I can’t recommend Karen enough as a coach and I know she will always bring out the very best in people she works with.


Alison Walton

Specialist Account Manager

When I joined GSK as an experienced RSM in 2010 Karen was hugely supportive, helping to get me up to speed with the Company processes as fast as possible. But I found her help around my business thinking a real benefit. I obviously had my own thoughts about what to do and why but Karen enhanced what I did by getting me to subtly think about things in different ways, so not a directive from her, but giving me the opportunity to try something new.

When I lost her as my boss after a major reshuffle of the business it has to be said that I was extremely disappointed.


Sue Hopkins

Former Senior Sales Manager at GSK

Karen worked with me over several years and had a huge impact on my personal development and career aspirations. She is a great mentor with fantastic interpersonal skills, her coaching skills are some of the best I have experienced in my working life. Karen takes the time to truly understand an individual bringing out their key strengths whilst identifying the development areas to target and then supports the development plan. I was lucky to have worked with such a high calibre person for so many years.


Louise Brooking

Senior Account Manager at GSK

Karen has been a fantastic positive influence for me during my career. She has a great natural ability to offer her undivided attention, listening and remembering everything that is shared. She always asks the right questions and quickly grasps complex issues. She is supportive, gentle and thoughtful yet able to challenge beliefs or behaviours to help diagnose the root cause of a situation and consider possible solutions. Whether it’s regarding a specific business issue or about ongoing career development, Karen is an outstanding coach and mentor.


Jess Eve

Regional Account Director at GSK

In my experience, Karen Traves is an outstanding leader, coach & mentor. I have been fortunate to have Karen’s input into my career for over 10 years now and during that time she has consistently demonstrated inspiring and uplifting leadership.

Having worked with Karen on a number of different teams and projects, what makes Karen stand out from others is her ability to see beyond the routine; to empower teams and individuals to consider innovative ideas which offer exciting, authentic solutions to business challenges. Problem solving, and coaching teams to overcome obstacles, is a clear strength of Karen, as is developing teams to adopt a positive, can-do mindset. Karen has made a lasting impression on my career and I cannot recommend her highly enough.



Senior Sales Manager at GSK

I have worked with Karen over a number of years. She is an inspiring, engaging leader with exceptional coaching skills. Able to work with a full range of individual styles. Her incisive nature enables her to get the best of people quickly and in a manner where they feel empowered to try out new things.
Karen will go the extra mile to achieve business objectives. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to support your business.

Tracey Teasdale

Head of Federated Clinic Services, Sunderland GP Alliance

I really enjoyed our time working together, not because it was always easy, or without challenge, but because I feel that I developed and learnt alot in that short time. Your blend of teaching and coaching suited me and I learned such alot in our time working together.
The thing I value about you most as a coach and manager is that whilst you were always very sharp with your business acumen, probably the sharpest I’ve come across in 20 years in Pharma, you always had one eye on the person. You cared that the workload was sustainable and wanted to know that things weren’t too much for us. In the short term we all have to dig in and just get things done but that would never be the case long term working for you.
Another thing I could always rely on you for was to call it, to call out the elephant in the room, to have the courage to say what alot of people thought but didn’t have the courage to say. This is part of your business acumen I’ve already mentioned, you have the acumen to come up with innovative solutions and the courage to fight for them. In your time with GSK you must have piloted countless structures and roles and many were then adopted widely by the company.

Thanks for everything!


Brian Redden

Regional Account Manager GSK