Home Life

When your family dynamic, personal relationships and domestic environment are in balance, Home Life is bright and feels good which in turn creates a positive platform for overall happiness and harmony.

Karen knows from her personal situation that happy Home Life is the foundation for a successful and enjoyable state of being.  There are times when life at home can feel overwhelming and juggling all the various demands can lead to frustration and tension. Having someone to listen to you and have dedicated time to think and reflect on your situation at a pace that suits you and your situation can revolutionise your Home Life.

Home Life Solutions


Coaching 1:1 is a process that enables you to have quality time for yourself to focus on the things that matter to you.

It will provide you with a catalyst for change enabling you to progress priority areas in your personal or professional life.

We all have friends and family that we can talk things over with but the emotional connection that exists with these relationships means that accountability is not always present.

Instead, have a conversation with an experienced coach to get things moving.


2:1 coaching can be really effective in a business or a home setting.

An independent coach in the Work Place can improve professional relationships, remove frustrations and accelerate job satisfaction.

When you are faced with an issue at home that needs resolution and you have no clear pathway, an independent coach can assist you.

There are always two perspectives to navigate and high quality coaching can enable everyone to move forward with purpose.


Family life today is constantly changing and this presents parents, carers, children and young people alike with highs and lows.

Ultimately what we all want to experience is seeing our children and young people thrive and develop into happy, healthy and self-confident adults.

There are so many resources, ideas and experts offering us advice that it can be totally overwhelming and working with a qualified coach can help you as a family unit navigate through the choppy waters that we encounter.

It is vital that everyone’s voices are heard and that is where a coach can facilitate family discussions and enable forward movement in a positive and constructive manner.

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